One Life – FPS Where You Can Only Live Once!

Respawn has become an integral part of the design of almost all the games being released at this time. As an entertainment that is designed to perform fun through a series of challenges, Respawn concept, regardless of how unrealistic it is the only one of the most reliable solution to ensure gamers have always had a chance to finish it. Some developers are trying to modify a system like this to give a more subtle effect risks, such as permanent death for example. Once dead, the character you use will automatically disappear and you are forced to start again from scratch with the progress that the new character. But what is offered a new action game – One Life is, bringing the concept of death to a new extreme!

Still trying to get away from the Steam Greenlight, the main attraction of One Life lies in their extreme concepts about the death of a character. He brought the system “Permanent Death” to a new level. As the name he stretcher, you really only have one life only in this game! This means that, instead of simply forcing you to replace new characters and repeat the progress from the beginning, this game will lock the death of your Steam library. Absolutely, once you are confirmed dead, you will not be able to play this game again forever.

However, not all harmful actions will directly lead to death instantly. You will pass some sort of critical condition in advance when fighting with another player. In this condition, the other player can choose to spare the lives or kill you directly. If killed instantly, you can say goodbye to One Life! Meanwhile, if forgiven, dev. One Life expect various scenarios could emerge from there, including forgive them up to make them prisoners who can be treated arbitrarily.
Unfortunately, so far the response of gamers in the virtual world even more negative leads related to the concept of One Life is extreme. Something rational, given that the game itself is planned to be distributed as a paid game and instead free to play. One Life is scheduled to be thrown at a price range of about $ 10, the price of the course with a comparatively high risk of death from such fatal. It is unclear whether the developers will modify this game will remember the feedback loud enough or stick with their idealism.
What about yourself? Are you interested to taste a game that will no longer be played so you killed like One Life this?

source : Kotaku via jagatplay


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