Owarimonogatari English Sub Trailer is here

Owarimonogatari English Sub Trailer is here!
“This is the story that brings to light “what” makes Koyomi Araragi…this is the tale that was not meant to be told. OWARIMONOGATARI, part of the Monogatari Series Final Season will begin streaming only on Crunchyroll on 10/3/2015!’

Anime: Monogatari Series – Owarimonogatari


Virtual Reality for Dota 2

In a video lasted about 5 minutes, a YouTube user with an account named Node 2 shows how exciting the use of Virtual Reality to explore and interact with the Secret Shop contained in game Dota 2. In the video, the user visible Virtual Reality to see the various item sold and berintaraksi with the characters in the Secret Shop. Curious as to what the excitement playing Dota 2 by using Virtual Reality? Please check the full video below: 

Until now, Valve as the creator of the game is still not give further details about the game Dota 2 his presence in the Virtual Reality. But it seems, Dota 2 versions of Virtual Reality is not going to bring the gameplay like in the PC version. So, Dota 2 Virtual Reality version of this possibility will only give new sensations to gamers.


AFAID 2015 event guide in here

Amnesia : The Dark Descent free in steam

yuhuu.. a FREE copy of Amnesia : The Dark Descent

to help you prepare yourself for the frictional games’ new horror game SOMA, frictional games give a free copy of amnesia.  Grab it quickly, though: It’s only free until 10 am PT on September 16, which is tomorrow.

Charlotte Episode 11

tomori 2tomori

hai-hai, so charlotte episode 11 is out and after i watched it, i still have some question :

  1. how about tomori brother? because yuu do time-leap, i think zhiend vocalist (i forgot her name) will not meet her brother
  2. sometimes i see shunsuke (yuu brother) movement is not like he’s blind (btw he become blind because do time-leap several times)
  3. because enemies injure yuu eyes now he cant do time-leap, i wonder how they will save kumagami and furuki (the driver, please dont forget him)
  4. why the hell the enemies take off tomori clothes? why? fanservice? omg

there’s too much question in my mind, especially about last question (lol). well i think i will wait for another week to know what are they going to do. bye-bye and have a nice day

Teitoku’s waifu Round 2

Shigure x-mas

so i just realized  there’s pooling about Kantai Collection waifu’s and i shocked with fubuki at first. i wonder is it because fubuki become main character ..if you interesting to vote your waifu, go here

One-Punch Man PV3

One-Punch Man PV3

SAITAMA “Hero for fun”